Telegram Trading Bot

Trading Fees

Trading Fees

A fixed 1% fee is applied to every trade within the bot.

A fixed 1% fee is applied on every trade within the bot. The 1% fee is deducted from the transacting asset.

Why is there a fee?

A portion of the fee is used to sustain operations of the bot, pay for developer's salaries and maintain our own infrastructure. Most of the fees earned from the bot will be shared with $KAGE holders.
More information will be shared on the fee split structure in due course.

Where is the fee sent?

Fees collected from each trade is sent to a singular fee collection wallet.

The fee collection wallet will then disburse the funds across to other wallets as part of the revenue distribution model. Learn more here.

How do I track the fees earned?

We will look to published our revenue results to the community periodically. Fees earned will periodically be updated on our website.

Alternatively, you can sleuth on-chain to find out the alpha. 🧐

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