How do I bridge assets into Injective?

How do I bridge assets into Injective?

Learn how to bridge across your assets into Injective from other blockchains.

How do I bridge assets into Injective?

Step 1: injective hub

Head to the official Injective Bridge UI:

Step 2: Select Source and Target Chain

In the “Source Chain” field, choose the blockchain where your assets currently reside. In the “Target Chain” field, select “Injective” if you want to bridge assets into Injective, or choose the desired blockchain if you’re bridging assets out.

Step 3: Connect a Wallet (Source Chain)

Click “Connect Wallet” and select the wallet you want to use. The bridge currently supports MetaMask, Keplr, and other Cosmos-compatible wallets.

Step 4: Confirm Target Chain Address

Ensure the displayed address belongs to your wallet on the target chain. This is crucial to ensure your bridged assets arrive at the correct destination.

Step 5: Select a Token to Send

Choose the specific token you want to bridge from the list of available assets. You can also input the token contract address if it’s not automatically listed.

Step 6: Enter the Amount

Specify the amount of tokens you want to bridge. Remember to account for any network fees involved.

Step 7: Initiate Bridge Transaction

Review the transaction details and click “Bridge” to initiate the transfer. You might need to confirm the transaction within your connected wallet.

Step 8: Wait for Completion

The bridging process may take a few minutes, depending on network congestion. You can track the transaction status within the bridge interface or by exploring the relevant blockchain explorer.

Step 9: Receive Bridged Assets

Once the transaction is confirmed, your bridged assets will appear in your wallet on the target chain.

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